Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Recent Commission & A Thank You Note

I very rarely make necklaces, preferring to focus on earrings and the odd bracelet, but recently a buyer contacted me to ask if I would make a necklace to match the stamped copper and green pearl earrings she bought for her Mum a couple of weeks ago. Of course I said yes!

She gave me pretty specific instructions for the design which was great and does make life easier. It was basically to match the design of the earrings with a copper chain. The pure copper chain I already had was a bit thick so I offered to order a finer one (most likely from the States) but in the end we decided to use some antique copper chain that I could order from a UK site (still took a week to get here though!)

I was a bit worried that the chain would be too dark but when I sent the photos to the buyer she said her Mum loved it so I went ahead and listed it in my Folksy shop.

Here are the original earrings the buyer bought for her Mum 

Yesterday I received a sweet thank you note from the buyer's Mum saying how much she liked her necklace and that she though my jewellery was gorgeous! I thought it was so nice of her to take the time to send me a note. She also wanted to know how much the pair of earrings on the business card I sent with the necklace were then promptly got her daughter to buy them for her as well!

All in all yesterday was a good day!


  1. Love the necklace and both earrings! Happy custom customers is always a relief!! x

  2. That set is fantastic! She's going to LOVE it! And that second set of earrings -- PERFECT color combination.

  3. "I enjoy your blog so much!
    You have beautiful pictures!"


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