New Year New Designs!

The New Year has inspired me to come up with some new earring designs. I'm going great guns at the mo - full of ideas and feeling like there's not enough hours in the day at the moment! I've even made a stock of ball-end earwires and headpins with my new torch ready for when I'm making earrings which is very unlike me, I usually make them as I need them.

I love my new torch but I'm still at that "slightly scared of it" stage which I'm sure will soon pass! It's soo much better than using the ring on the gas cooker and means I can ball the end of copper wire now (the flame on the cooker isn't hot enough). Here's a selection of what I've made so far soon to be listed in my Folksy and Artfire shops. I've also just finished oxidising some heart inspired earrings ready for Valentine's Day - I said I was going great guns!

Copper and riveted Sterling Silver Spiral

Swarovski Pearl and Sterling Silver Wirework

Lampwork Bead and TierraCast Violet Leaf Charm

Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Disc

Copper and riveted Sterling Silver Discs


  1. They all look very nice! I am busy cleaning out old stock so I can buy new and create new!

  2. They are all lovely but I especially like the leaf charm one.

  3. Love these, Tracy! Wear the earrings I ordered from you often and always get wonderful comments :) Your designs rock!


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