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Sue Hodgkinson is the founder and designer of Folksy shop hello gorgeous

A change in personal circumstances in 2007 caused Sue to have a "light bulb" moment and start making jewellery. She takes immense pleasure in creating individual pieces and devotes her time and skill to making sure only the finest quality jewellery is presented.

All Sue's designs are made with the finest components available - Sterling Silver, Bali and Thai Silver findings and beads, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, lampwork and glass beads and are sourced from amazing artists all over the world. Each piece is individually hand-crafted and promises to give as much pleasure to the wearer as it has given to Sue as she created it.

I asked Sue a few questions...........

Why do you make jewellery? Why not knitting or taxidermy?
I make jewellery for a number of reasons... it calms me - having to concentrate clears my mind of all the “fluff” that’s milling around in my brain! I also like to see something “come together” and the excitement of knowing someone will be wearing a piece I created and enjoy it just as much!

Who would you most like to make a piece of jewellery for?

I am happy just creating but, if the opportunity came knocking, I would love to create for Marilyn Monroe, Eva Longoria-Parker, David Beckham {not sure what I would create for him, but just to have him stand in front of me would be AS exciting!} Creating a piece or a range of jewellery for a family wedding would be simply awesome too!

What's your favourite gemstone?

There are SOO many gemstones out there which I am still learning about but I LOVE the Agates because of the variations in colours in any one stone and Jade, oh! and Jasper... and turquoise....and quartz.....and onyx.....and ooooo too many to pick just one!!!

Do you have any online bead shops you particularly like and would recommend?

YESS!! Semi Precious Beads ( is SUCH a fab place to visit, they have a HUGE range of gemstones to choose from at VERY reasonable prices and they are based in Devon!

I also love Palmer Metals ( I have been so impressed by the quality of silver beads/findings ordered and also the speediness of delivery, a BIG thumbs up!

What's the best part of making your own jewellery?

Having a group of beads turn into something you can drape around your neck or on your wrist and show off to the world, secretly knowing that YOU created them when people are looking!

Now for the silly question........

Of the three people listed below which one would you -
a. Marry
b. Run off to Bognor for a dirty weekend with
c. Push off a cliff ....................

1.Wayne Rooney
2.Gordon Brown
3.Norris from Coronation Street

If this was my only choice then I would quite happily push them ALL off a cliff and enjoy my own company!! ;o)

☼ I think Sue chickened out with that question......if it was me the first two would go over the cliff and as for Norris, well, a nice pub lunch would be as far as it went!

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  1. Thank Yoooou gorgeous!

    Might have to pay a visit myself now! he! heee! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. hee hee great interview. And such beautiful jewellery! (ps I love palmers too!)


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