Gazania - By The Power Of Macro!

Inspired by a post on Red Bird Jewellery's blog recently I took my camera out into the garden (who am I kidding, it's a yard, not a blade of grass in sight!) yesterday and took some quick close-up photos of a beautiful orange Gazania.
I was really surprised with the results as I use a normal point and shoot Canon digital. Just think what you could do with a super-dooper bells and and whistles type affair!

Introducing Gordon the Gazania

I love the contrast of the vivid orange and the greeny-grey at the base of the petals


  1. These are amazing photos, the macro setting works wonders!

  2. wow they're stunning!! Isn't macro great? I've just been out snapping bees covered in the pollen on our lavender. Thanks for the mention btw!


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