Folksy Friday Featured Seller ~ Fiona T

This week's Folksy Friday features Folksy shop owner Fiona T ~ stay at home Mum to Anakin Skywalker!

Fiona, who opened her Folksy shop at the beginning of May, sells delightful embroidered and applique covered notebooks. Currently living in Derbyshire, she studied Textiles (embroidery) at Nottingham Trent University and has been drawing, knitting and sewing for as long as she can remember.

Pink Ninja

Fiona's items are the result of a collaboration with her sister, translating her sister's pen & ink drawings into Fiona's fabric 'sketches', before creating a fun end product.
Each tiny piece is cut and stitched by hand, so every design is unique.

Fiona likes to work with calico, cotton & linen, using applique, hand and free machine embroidery.

Pink Cupcakes Notebook cover

It was doing some freelance design work for a greetings card company which kickstarted the sewing/embroidery bug:

"I had made some embroidered lavender bags for birthday gifts last year, and an old college friend who works for Tigerprint/Hallmark, started nagging me to Do Something.

Getting back to design was always something I planned on doing "one day", but after 10 years out I really didn't know where to start. A few months later she ambushed me with a brief for some embroidered designs, to be honest they weren't great, but once I'd started sewing and making again, I couldn't stop!

I opened my Folksy shop at the beginning of May - it's earlier days yet but I hope to improve and expand on what I'm doing now. Mostly I'm just happy to be back doing something that I'd forgotten how much I loved".

Pink Bird 'N Bees Fabric Notebook cover

And Anakin Skywalker? He's Fiona's 11 year old Border Collie of course!

Pink Cat Fabric Notebook

I can't sew (or rather WON'T sew) so always admire anyone who has the patience to produce such well~made and covetable items as Fiona.
Visit her Folksy shop now!

Blue Ninja


  1. what lovely items I'm going over to look at her shop now!

  2. LOVE this idea! Designs are very contemporary ;o)

    Thanks for the heads up


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Lovely items - I spotted these too and was really drawn to them. I love the cupcakes one.

    I've featured one of your items in my Folksy Friday blog.

    Rachel x

  4. Thanks for featuring my earrings Rachel :D

  5. Yes, I love these notebooks too. I have my eye on the blue ninja one... just waiting until pay day!

  6. Can't believe Fiona's only had one sale. Here notebooks are wonderful. I've favourited the Pink ninja as well as her shop in general.

  7. (now that i've figured out *how* to comment...)

    thank you so much tracy, for featuring me on your blog, and for all the lovely comments i've had here(and on folksy)! :D

  8. gorgeous items...ahhh Ninja :D cool xx

  9. Those Ninja are amazing! Going to go and have a more indepth look!

    Natalie x

  10. I love love the pink Ninja and the cat <3 these are items I would love. Gorgeous. Keep in touch for sure. You have an awesome blog. KimboxKimboxKimboxKimbox


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