Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Featured On Folksy Finds!

I had a message in my Inbox on Folksy today to say my shop has been featured on Folksy Finds blog !

That was a nice surprise particularly as I feel rotten today ~ it's summer (I use that term loosely) and I'm full of a cold! So that's cheered me up a bit.

 Thank you Myfanwy of Folksy Finds

~♥ New ♥~

I've also just listed a new bracelet in my Folksy shop ~
Burnt Orange ~ Frosted Agate and Sterling Silver


  1. Ohh I likey your new bracelet. I have been attempting some wrapping recently, the bracelet I have in mind may just be ready as a christmas gift.
    LOL. x

  2. I likey new bracelet. I am experimenting with wrapping myself and may just have the bracelet finished in time for Xmas! lol


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