You Can Never Have Enough Beads

♥ I love beads, they are almost as important to me as chocolate, and even though I already have.... err.... seven boxes of them (recently sorted by colour which believe me makes jewellery making a whole lot easier) I just can't resist "acquiring" more!

You see, there was this lump of money burning a hole in my PayPal account so I've been browsing on Etsy and happily spending! Here's what I bought.......


Golden Cracked Agate Rondels, Copper Beadcaps and Purple Varicite Coins from Etsy shop
 New York Bead

Pistachio Whip glass rondels from BeadBead

Dragon Vein Agate and Fire Agate from StormHoliday

Seems to be a bit of an Agate theme going on! Now if only they could instantly transport themselves, a la Star Trek, to my studio (dining room table) it really would be a perfect world!


  1. Jealous much. . . 7 boxes. . . I guess it depends how big the boxes are saying that, I have 5 trays, a small tray and a stacking box, I would love one of those units from storage for crafts to store them all in. Instead I have a huge collection of polygrip bags. Not quite so stylish. lol.
    Christals :o)

  2. Lovely purchases, look forward to seeing what you make.

  3. They are almost like chocolate, good enough to eat.
    My favss are the purple coin ones! Kx
    ps good idea on the tresury button, as I love looking back, also sometimes you forget the things you like!!


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