Sunday, 18 April 2010

An Experiment In Wire

♥ Galaxy Pendulums ♥
I love playing around with wire and yesterday had a go at some wirewrapping. I used some blue goldstone beads I've had for a while, got out the copper wire and played!

I didn't really plan this design it just kind of evolved.  The earrings were a bit fiddly in parts but that's all good practise for the future. I think next time I'll lose the spiral and maybe curl the end of the wire for a different look.

I did think about bending the straight piece of wire over into a loop but then thought I'd probably ruin them so left them as they are! Next time I probably won't have the long straight piece of wire, I'll just make a loop at the top ~ in fact, next time they will be a completely different pair of earrings!


I oxidised them and cleaned them up with steel wool then gave them a quick polish but I didn't want them to be too shiny as I like the darker look with copper. I've called them Galaxy Pendulums as the blue goldstone looks like a galaxy of stars. Most likely bound for my Etsy shop later today.


  1. Beautiful!!! I love Blue Goldstone :)

  2. They're lovely. I like the spirals (no surprise there) and I think you're right about the oxidised copper- dark is good.


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