Top Tens!

I love making lists and making lists of my top 10 "things" seems like a good idea to me. It makes me think and gives me a break from eating chocolate for a while.
I've decided to start a regular (I hope!) feature of top tens.......they could be anything from my ten favourite words to my ten most embarrassing moments (if I can bear to remember them!)

I'm starting with my ten favourite songs, although one look at my CD collection made me realize that there's no way I only have 10 favourites! Anyway, these are my ten favourite songs today..........

1. Song To The Siren ~ This Mortal Coil. Once heard never forgotten.

2. Freebird ~ Lynard Skynard. Just so cool.

3Stockholme Syndrome ~ Muse. Played very loudly in the car. Could have a top ten list of their own.

4Statesboro Blues ~ Taj Mahal. Dig those Blues.

5. Slide Away ~ Oasis. Before they lost it.

6. Love Spreads ~ The Stone Roses. Northerners. Enough said. (I'm a Northerner)

7. Sugar Hiccup ~ Cocteau Twins. Whimsical lyrics and beautiful melodies.

8. Gimme Shelter ~ The Rolling Stones. Classic.

9. Tears ~ The Chameleons. Whatever happened to them?

10. Waiting For My Man ~ Velvet Underground. The 9 minute version gave us enough time to go the the loo, get a drink at the bar and still get to the dance floor in time to dance to it.

They say you can tell a lot about a person from their taste in music. I wonder what this lot says about me?! (Never heard of half of them, you weird Northerner, probably!) I hope this inspires you to make top ten lists of your own :D


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  2. I love Muse! My fav song is prob Knights of Cydonia. I like to play it LOUD and screech along to it! NikkiX

  3. Now that is a fab tune from velvet underground!!! Stone roses are timeless too...

    hmm i couldn't possibly narrow a music list down to just 10, the list would get longer and longer....well done you ;OD


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