Quick Update About Photo Crisis!

Reading the lovely comments about my new hideously bright orange backgrounds I used for a couple of my photos and thinking about it, I've decided that the orange is just too much!
After two further trips to my local ESK and ferreting around their background papers (I was in there nearly half an hour one day and almost missed an appointment!) I now possess several more neutral coloured backgrounds and some shiny new pebbles. I'm still having problems using my camera in manual as altering some of the settings affects the sharpness of the photo, so even though it's brighter it's not properly focused! So frustrating!

I'm hoping to start redoing them tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be better - fingers crossed. God, I hate taking photographs!


Got all excited this morning when I checked my emails as I had another sale in my Folksy shop and thought it was my 50th. Alas it was my 49th ~ I sold two lots of earwires yesterday and hoped they would count as two sales but they didn't (bum). The reason I was excited is because I'm planning a Giveaway when I reach 50 sales. I've got the earrings all ready for it and I'm going to treat myself to a print from Folksy shop Sascalia. I guess I'll just have to hang fire for a while..........

 I want this! ♥
 Flowers 5 from Sascalia


  1. Congrats on the sale and I love love love that print. It's so beautiful :)

  2. Oooo the lengths I go to to take decent pics. It's so frustrating!! I've experimented with all kinds of things. The print is lovely, you do right treating yourself.
    twiggy x

  3. It's been so interesting reading your past few blog post about pic taking. I too have got to similar photographing techniques via the same trial and error process. I hope my photos are much better than they used to be, but I still have room to improve :) Thank you so much for sharing your processes.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I think I've got the right backgrounds now, will just have to experiment :D


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