Thursday, 11 March 2010

Introducing New Folksy Seller.... Joelleabelle!

Meet Joelle Poulos, owner of Folksy shop Joelleabelle.
Joelle recently opened her shop selling kitsch, retro and kooky jewellery. I found those words in her keyword list and they describe her style perfectly!

How would you describe the jewellery you make?
I would describe my Jewellery as: 'Quirky Handmade Jewellery'

You Colour My World Earrings

How long have you been making jewellery?
Not long at all! I started selling it to my friends little over 2 months ago.

What made you start?
My friend sent me a link to a site selling charms, this made me think about making some extra money selling jewellery. This then expanded to selling on my website!

P.S. I Love You Necklace

Have you taken any jewellery-making classes or are you self-taught?
I have never taken jewellery making classes, I am completely self taught!

What made you decide to make your style of jewellery rather than the more classic type?
My style of jewellery is based on something I would like and buy! I do think about the fact that 'It's not what you want, its what other people want' but I have a very quirky sense of fashion (and jewellery!) and this is what came out of it!

Where do you buy your jewellery-making supplies? Online or locally?
I buy my supplies all online.

Chocaholic Pendants

Where do you sell your jewellery? Is it just online or do you ever do craft fairs, sell locally?
I sell my jewellery online at Joelleabelle and am yet to do a craft fair and I haven't yet found a local one, although I would love to do one in the future.

 Do you blog?
I do, and love it! You can find my blog Here

Builder's Breakfast Ring

If you were given your own body-weight in chocolate would you...... 
a) Squeal with delight?
b) Grab a Ginsters pasty and run away screaming?
a) I would looooove it!

Who would be your fantasy date?!
Hmmm.. Aaron Johnson (Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging) :)

You Spin Me Right Round Earrings

Thank you Joelle, I'm pleased to say you answered the chocolate question correctly :D
See more of Joelle's funky jewellery here 

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