Saturday, 6 March 2010

Good News From Etsy

I wrote a while ago that I'd been neglecting my Etsy shop in favour of my Folksy shop. Anyway I've been busy lately making and listing jewellery on Etsy and today I had another sale! I still have a lot more to do as I only have 12 items on Etsy but at least I've made a start. It's amazing what a sale does to get you going again and believing in yourself and your "creations!"
I was also featured in an Etsy Treasury ~ alas not on the front page though :D


Read This!
I found a great blog via Etsy too called The English Muffin Blog. Bess Callard has written a great piece titled "small business, small steps" about what to do during those "down-times", i.e. when sales slow down or stop for a while. It's worth reading plus read the 30-odd comments, as it makes you realize everyone feels the same when our shops go through a quiet period and suggests ways to use this quiet time to improve our businesses (and mood!)


New items on Etsy

I also want to thank Creative Genius for featuring me this week in their Folksy seller interview ♥ which reminds me I have another load of questions waiting to be answered..........................


  1. well done on the etsy sale! and thanks for posting that article. your cats are gorgeous too!

  2. Hi Tracy, Sunshine Award number 8 coming your way!
    Best wishes, Sarah.

  3. Oooh, I love those silvery-grey earrings you've just put on Etsy - they're gorgeous!


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