Three Awards And New Earrings

Yesterday I was very pleased to find I'd been awarded three, yes three! blog awards!

Two Sunshine Blog Awards from Sue of BlueBoxStudio and faeryatrix and an I Love Craft Blogs award from Hilary of haptree and me!

I guess I'm going to be busy deciding who to pass the awards onto, only 24+ blogs to choose! I'll post who I've chosen tomorrow. I'm gonna need a big bag of Maltesers for energy before I start :D

New Earrings
I'm just about to list these on Folksy ~

I can't believe after making wirework jewellery for 2 years this is the first time I've made these twisted coil links! I really like the look of them so no doubt will make some more!

These are made from 16g Sterling Silver wire and yes, it's another spiral design. I love spirals, can you tell?

Don't forget! Enter the Giveaway below to win a pair of Gelert Design Brass Resin earrings.  The winner will be chosen on Saturday!


  1. Wow 3 awards, well done! I love your photographs of your work x


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