Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mid-Week Folksy Finds ♥ Purple

As I didn't have time to do a Folksy Finds last Friday I thought I'd make up for it and do one mid-week! This time I've indulged myself and gone for my favourite colour ~ Purple

The links to the Folksy shops are below the photos ~

1. Lavender ~ Fleurs De Perles
2. Purple Leaf Ceramic Pendant ~ Dottery Pottery
3. Purple Circles and Squares Cushion ~ Handmade By Louisa
4. Glass Pearl Bracelet ~ Laura Cameron
5. Purple Spot Overnight Bag ~ PIDGEONSTITCH
6. Purple Tree ~ Sascalia

I love all of these picks because they're purple ♥ and I've made a promise to treat myself to a print from Sascalia when I reach 50 sales in my Folksy shop!

Don't forget to enter my blog Giveaway for a chance to win a gorgeous pair of Brass Resin earrings by Gelert Design. Just visit his shop, pick your favourite item then leave a comment saying what you'd like to see more of in his shop. The winner will be chosen on Saturday 27 Feb!


  1. Mmmmm purple! Thanks for including my bracelet!

  2. Hi, I've awarded your blog a sunshine award to View my post on who i've nominated goto.

  3. Hi, Stunning purple, my favourite colour.

    I’ve awarded your blog a Sunshine Award. Enjoy! Sue.

  4. I have passed on the
    I LOVE CRAFT BLOGS! award to you for being fab :o)

  5. Thank you faeryatrix, BlueBoxStudio and haptree, three awards in 2 days! I'm going to be busy choosing who to pass them onto :D

  6. Hey!! I didn't know you gave me a shout out in your blog!!?? Thank you so much! I was just browsing through your lovely blog after finding it in the FF post in Folksy. Am following you now :)

  7. Thankyou for including my purple pendant in your folksy finds x

  8. Thank you - I've only just seen my 'purple spot bag' on your blog and am very happy considering most of it now looks very pink to me!! / Jane x


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