Friday, 5 February 2010

Lemons And The Cat's Dinnertime

I thought I'd do a Folksy pick this week as I missed doing one last week. I didn't really have a theme in mind so started browsing on Folksy and suddenly thought "Lemons!"

Here is my Lemon-themed pick and it's good enough to eat! Links for each shop are under the photos ~

1 Lemon Souffle Desert Ring ~ Aleximo Croissant  2 Lemon Drop Ring ~Bazaar Here Today 3 Lemon Yellow Zagg ~TangentCrafts 4 Citrus Cufflinks ~ Birdcage Creative 5 Green Tea And Lemongrass Soap ~The Bakewell Soap Company 6 When Life Gives You Lemons Bracelet ~ Miss Maisy 7 Lily And Luther The Lemon ~ Kittypinkstars 8 Lemon Muffin Pendant ~ Cherryloco 9 Lemon Drop Necklace ~ owl on the sill

It Must Be Dinnertime
There I was yesterday minding my own business making some earrings when this big furry lump appeared and plonked himself right in front of me. Yes that big furry lump was Eddie my cat and yes it was his dinnertime!

Where's me dinner?


  1. Lemons is genius, well done and what a cute cat x

  2. Lovely, bright and sunny - lovely picks.

    Many thanks for my Sunshine Award - really chuffed to receive it. I'll have to have a think about who to send it on to as I've received three now in total and running out of blog friends! Elaine

  3. Nikki ♥ Eddie! He is so cute :-) I also love the lemondrop necklace.


  4. just seen this - thanks so much for featuring my cufflinks!


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