Shopping, Beads And Chicken Curry

This morning I ventured out in the car ~ the first time for about 4 days! Happily my poor snow~covered Fiesta started first time and I pootled into a fairly quiet Eastbourne town centre. Did a few errands ~ the bank to pay in a cheque I got for Christmas(!), posted a letter and had a look at the bead/jewellery mags in WH Smith. Now normally I buy every jewellery/bead magazine I come across (apart from Beads & Beyond, seen a few issues and don't think much of it) but today I exercised supreme self~control and WALKED AWAY! I also put down a cute little owl notebook I found in Poundland after deciding I didn't really need it as I have two brand new notebooks at home. I really think there's something wrong with me. I was going to buy myself some chocolate too but decided I could do I know there's definitely something wrong with me! Or maybe it's because I know there's still a big box of Ferrero Rocher in the cupboard...........

I love you!

Later back at home I was just starting to grumble that we haven't had any post for a few days when these beauties popped through the letterbox!

Aren't they gorgeous? They're Watermelon Jade hearts and I can't wait to make something with them tomorrow. Talking about tomorrow, I'm praying that it will be a bit brighter so that I can photograph the jewellery I've been making over the last couple of days. I'm getting Folksy listing withdrawal symptoms!

I spent some time looking at blog templates today too. I found a nice one but then realized if I changed my blog template I would have to add all my widget/gadget thingies again so decided to maybe just tinker with the background colour and try and tidy my blog up a bit (but not today!)

Later I made a curry for tea which was nice. I did feel a bit bad as I was ripping apart yesterday's chicken to put in said curry. Wondered what kind of life it had had and if it had been a happy one (I doubt it). It did taste very nice though! (I'm so awful!)


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