New Beads!

The beads I ordered from Lima Beads last Sunday arrived today ~ not bad going, less than a week from the States!

Lima Beads are currently running an Easter Egg Hunt on their site. They've hidden 100 eggs all over the place (and I mean all over the place!) The first 10 people that find all 100 are entered into a draw for a $250 Gift Certificate. The competition closes today (4 April).
However, there are bonuses along the way ~ 15% off your next order when you find 10 eggs, free beads when you find 25 eggs and more free beads when you find 50 eggs. I managed to find 52 eggs then realized I was becoming a bit obssessed so stopped there and made use of my 15% discount!

Here's what I ordered

10mm Mystic Blue Feldspath rounds
10mm Synthetic Aquamarine rounds (I think that means glass!)
The Mystic Blue Feldspath drop was a freebie!
10mm Red Coral Rounds
6mm Green Impression Jasper Rounds
3mm Red Coral Rounds ~ another freebie!

I also bought some Lepidolite coins ~ deep purple with sparkles but forgot to photograph them.

I'm going to start making some earrings with them later today I hope, some fairly simple designs to start with which I will post on here when they're done!

*Note to self ~ Do NOT leave steel shot from my tumbler on a teatowel to dry on the floor as Eddie my cat WILL think what a fantastic game is it to flick said teatowel and almost every single piece of shot as far as he possibly can. I knew it would happen but I still did it!


  1. Yummy beads!! I especially like the Mystic Blue Feldspath - gorgeous. x

  2. hello gorgeous! loving the beads, can't wait to see what you create ;o)

    Also loving the new look....

    Happy Easter!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Tee hee! Those dang silver shot beads jump for miles at any opportunity! The green jasper beads look gorgeous! nikki x


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