New On Folksy & My New (FREE!) Website

I've listed a couple of new pairs of earrings on Folksy ~ my first listings since before Christmas! Not that I was getting withdrawal symptoms or anything!

Night Bloom ~ Lucite Flowers & Copper

Green Seas ~ Seaglass Coins & Sterling Silver

I've spent a very pleasant few hours this afternoon "playing" with my new website. It's on and it's free!
As you can see I've still got a lot to do, lots of pictures to add, plus links to some of the cool blogs I like. I'm using it mainly as another way to get my stuff "out there" at the moment, but you have the option to add PayPal buttons if you want to use it to sell which isn't bad for free. You can also add pages, change page names, do whatever you like with it really. I think it looks quite neat for a freebie and who knows, it might generate a few sales :D

I really should go and have a shower now, but I can't decide whether to watch the Liverpool game ............. you can take the girl out of the North West but you can't take the North West out of the girl......... (even though I've been living in the South East for the last 23 years!)


  1. I hope you didn't watch the game, you'll be quite depressed now.

  2. I did watch some of it but managed to miss the 2 Reading goals! Probably a good thing.....

  3. I love your new website - it looks so elegant! Think I'll be checking out Spanglefish myself now... :)

    Kirsten x


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